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You go to construct or remodel? Have doubts? Read this book!
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It surprises engineers, architects and construction foreman with the tips of this book.
This work is directed the proprietors of workmanships, professionals of other areas, engineering and architecturestudents and similar areas, madames and laypeople who little or almost nothing understand of Construction. Because to construct it is an arduous task, but if it becomes still more difficult when you are not a constructor and does not know as to make it or not even knows for where to start e, clearly, many use to advantage of this its lack of knowledge.

This book will inform on the steps that must be followed since the choice and land purchase, passing for the bureaucratic steps of approvals in City halls - for acquisition of the Building Permit, and other agencys, until the “ Inhabits it”.

Of the cares and contracts with architects, engineers, contractors. In the rightnesss right-handers with masons (informal constructors) and of the clauses that cannot lack in contracts.
Of the taxes that many contractors and masons always do not pay and they will fall on the “owner” of the workmanship.

Of the choice and the purchase of materials of good quality. Of the “traps” and the ”micos”,

Entry or Bookkeeping in Notary's office of Property.

This book has a commented boarding in easy language with many tips and contracts and other indispensable knowledge to deal with situations that many times have been unfavorable to the proprietors of workmanships.


Cd bnus CD Contents:
-Spread sheet of Budget Model(Full);
-Contract to projects(Same model commentad in the book);
-Contract to building(Same model commentad in the book);
-Tables of argamassas traces;
-Tables of concretes traces;
-Outhers utilitarian to construct.

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Special launching price only Us$29,90

Selo IMD

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