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You go to construct or remodel? Have doubts? Read this book!
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Specifications: Size 16 x 23cm, Cover: Brochure
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Borned in 1965 - Serrinha-BA city, since child, together with its brothers, helped its father in the manufacture of cement bricks and in the workmanships that the same took over on a contract basis.

Already at this time also it started to draw. In 1985 it had the first job as Tracer, in a constructor. In 1988 it started the course of Architecture and Urbanism in the University Federal da Bahia.

It taught to Mathematics and Geometric Drawing, and costuma to say that “it was born teeth” in the cement, where, in the construction it has if dedicated for all its life.

When the author wrote this book integrated the team of Planning of Workmanships of one of the companies of the Saint-Gobain multinational.


About the book

Everybody, in some way if involves in Construction, being or not professional of the Construction, however, it has very little books directed to the proprietors of workmanships, that in its great majority are professional of other areas, ladies and laypeople who little or almost nothing understand of the subject.

Based in the experience of 25 years of construction and projects and in the comment throughout this time, of the claims of the construction proprietors, due to material lack informs that them, I wrote this book, directed to all the people whom they intend to acquire a property, to construct or to remodel. A commented boarding with many tips, contracts and advice so that the proprietors do not fall in “traps”, know to buy lands and to deal with engineers, architects, contractors, laborers, and many other situations that many times them are unfavorable.


Cd bnus CD Contents:
-Budget Plan(Full);
-Contract to projects(Same model commentad in the book);
-Contract to building(Same model commentad in the book);
-Tables of argamassas traces;
-Tables of concretes traces;
-Outhers utilitarian to construct.

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 ponto_preto_5x5.jpg (645 bytes) The author gives to lesson of mathematics for pupils of the - UFOP - Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto
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 ponto_preto_5x5.jpg (645 bytes) History of the author's life

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